Is generic or cookie cutter accounting software limiting your company’s potential. Or did your provider stop offering system improvements years ago?

Here are some signs that your business is being negatively impacted:

  • Your fuel tax reporting takes too long and won’t export in the format(s) you need.
  • Your data is scattered in several places and it’s impossible to get it centralized in one system.
  • Your billing and customer payments are often delayed, which hurts your cash flow.
  • Your supplier credit card processing is way too time-consuming and error-prone.
  • You’re still performing too much manual data entry and/or having to use other software (e.g., spreadsheets) in order to gather the information you need.

If you can relate to the experiences above, you may need more advanced automation options and some customized services that will bring your system up to speed.

If your current provider doesn’t offer those types of services, it might be worth learning more about what other accounting software vendors offer.

Again, for your software technology to provide continual value to your company’s success, it needs ongoing updates, improvements, industry specific functions, great training, and better support, at a minimum.

Having the option and ability to further customize your system to address your company’s unique requirements marks the difference between gourmet coffee and just watered-down decaf.

So, what does additional customizations and services mean?

For us, it means two primary things:

  1. The ability to automate additional time consuming and error prone accounting processes that waste company time and money (e.g., more robust system options).

2. The ability to get additional help to move, manage and analyze your data.

Here are some examples:

  • You have a large number of new accounts (e.g., customers, vendors, general ledger) or inventory items that need to be set up in the system, but you don’t have time to enter them.
  • You need new tax schedules or financial statements but are afraid of making mistakes and missing deadlines.
  • You need more custom reporting but lack the time or expertise to create them.
  • Your supplier is continually sending down the wrong time on the rack prices and now you’re stuck fixing them manually.

To see examples of additional services, please click here.

Good providers know that when it comes to software, one size doesn’t fit all.

You need effective, customizable services and solutions so you can keep doing what you are good at: running your business.

We’re always interested to hear more about how you’re solving your accounting software challenges. Please share more with us here.

Lastly, if you’re feeling stuck or unsure of how to get the most from your software technology, please contact us to schedule a free consult.