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Over the course of 50+ years, our AIMS team has accomplished some pretty incredible things.

We’ve created multiple, high performing products and services, built a loyal customer base and attracted employees that are more like family than colleagues. 

On average, our team members stay with us for 15.5 years. It’s probably because we created a work culture that puts people first. Our offices are friendly and flexible. Our work is interesting, continually evolving and challenging (but in a good way). And we treat everyone like family, including our customers.

That’s another thing. Our customers are loyal and stay with us for an average of 16.25 years. In fact, 82% of them have already been with us for more than five years. That’s because we care about them. We hear again and again from our clients that the level of customer service and support we provide is unmatched in our industry at large. We plan on keeping it this way.


of our customers have been with us for more than five years

Software Trainer / Support Specialist

“When we went to Louisiana to visit AIMS, we were treated really well and got to meet a lot of the people that we had already talked to on the phone and see their set up. AIMS had a lot of different people working there. That was good to see because one of our biggest concerns, again, was making sure that they would be around. And they presented themselves as a company that was going to be around for a while.”

Quality Petroleum
Office Manager, Caroline Barclay


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