Dispatch software that delivers fuel on time when needed.  

AIMS Fuel Dispatch helps you deliver your products to customers quickly and profitably. 

Are you having challenges with:

  • Frequently updating dispatch spreadsheets and/or whiteboards? 
  • Dissatisfied customers as a result of delayed fuel deliveries? 
  • Excess inventory in your monitored tanks? 
  • Distracting your drivers attention from the road with new trip details? 
  • Promptly invoicing your customers following a delivery? 

 Fuel Dispatch puts you in the fast lane by: 

  • Optimizing your driver’s routes to save time and money 
  • Accurately predicting the fuel needed based on customers’ historical usage and current inventory levels 
  • Quickly generating orders based on pre-set schedules and routes 

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What is AIMS Fuel Dispatch?

Fuel Dispatch is a cloud-based dispatching software system accessible from anywhere with cellular or Wi-Fi service. Fuel Dispatch includes an optional mobile app, enabling drivers to receive updated pickup and delivery instructions within minutes of it being entered into the system, all on the go. 

Fuel Dispatch is designed to sync with AIMS Commander accounting software by providing it with the completed purchase and delivery data needed to automatically update product inventory values, quantities, costs, etc.  And, of course, Commander automatically generates sales invoices to your customers. 


In turn, Commander supplies Fuel Dispatch with information for: 


Ship-to addresses


suppliers/ terminals




Fuel Dispatch helps streamline your fuel delivery operations to ensure timely customer deliveries while maximizing efficiencies and reducing delivery costs. 

Are you worn out by the time-consuming and draining process of dispatching, caused by human errors and piles of paperwork? Are you ready to improve customer satisfaction and boost your profits? 


Then, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help.

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