Our Commander implementation process is efficient and seamless.

Here is an overview of what to expect once you choose Commander.

Exploration and Planning: Discovery and Pre-Installation

Timeline Steps: 1-6
At this part of the process, our goal is to learn as much about you and your business in as much detail as possible. We accomplish this through multiple meetings, questionnaires and other documentation. During this stage, we also collaborate on items such as G/L and other account ID structures. All work during this time is typically handled via phone or video conferencing, though we can arrange to be on-site if needed.

Installation: Building the Data Infrastructure

Timeline Steps: 7-12
During this stage, our goal is to completely prepare your system to prevent any major work disruptions while switching to the new software. We achieve this by working with your selected project leaders to gather data from your existing system for conversion. Then, using this data, we set up your system including general ledger, tax tables, products, customers and vendors. Lastly, after you send us the requested data, all you need to do is continue to run your business as usual.

Training: Establishing Best Practice Procedures

Timeline Step: 13
At this juncture, our goal is to train you and your team to use Commander like a pro and to verify the accuracy of the data infrastructure. To this effect, our trainer will spend seven to ten days training your team on-site. In addition, our trainer will help implement best practice procedures to set the foundation that leads to data reliability.

Implementation: Pre-Launch Operation “Test” Mode

Timeline Step: 14
At this point, our goal is to confirm that everyone is comfortable using Commander prior to going live and to establish that the Commander setup is accurate. To ensure this, you and your team will operate your new system in “test” mode for several weeks. During this time, we provide 60 days of free support.

Go Live: Smooth Transition to “Live” Mode

Timeline Step: 15
In the final stage of this process, we import your beginning balances into Commander. Then, you begin using your new system in “live” mode. Congratulations, you are now “live” and “loving” it!

Software Implementation Timeline


the client





1. You choose Commander as your software solution.

2. You identify your primary and secondary project leaders. Our trainer sends you the New Client Questionnaire.

3. We schedule the pre-installation meeting.

4. We assess your current hardware and network details and let you know if any changes are needed.

5. We meet at the scheduled time to discuss pre-installation. During this meeting, we finalize everyone’s responsibilities along with the on-site training and tentative go-live dates. In addition, we send you a detailed timeline document that contains all the milestones that need to be achieved for the training to take place on the agreed-upon dates. You review and sign off on the timeline document and complete the questionnaire.

6. We start setting up your Commander system.

7. You return all completed spreadsheets and other requested documentation.

8. The server is ordered by us or you, depending on who’s responsible for providing it.

9. If needed, you’ll upgrade your hardware and order checks or other pre-printed forms.

10. We finish the setup of your Commander system.

11. We install Commander on your server and verify that all users are able to log in and print.

12. We conduct pre-training testing of the software including any import modules you have purchased.

13. Our software trainer spends seven to ten days, on-site, training your team to use Commander.

14. You start using your new system in “test” mode. This period of time has two main objectives:

  • Ensure everyone is comfortable with performing their daily tasks in Commander prior to going live.
  • Validate that the Commander setup is accurate.

We provide 60 days of free support, after the initial training. This is to encourage you to contact us as often as needed to promptly address any issues that may arise.

15. You provide us with your beginning balances for importing into Commander and you go “live.”

“Where do I start…LOL. First of all, AIMS did an awesome job training us. Their team made it fun and enjoyable. AIMS was very knowledgeable, professional and kind. Their response time to our calls and emails is amazing! We would love to have them back anytime!
Alice Welch

Office Manager, Rigby Oil Company

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