Get the Most from Your Financial Data

Your financial data is critical to your operational success.

The key to getting the most mileage out of your numbers is to automate your financial processes and procedures. But what do you do when you don’t know how to automate one of these processes or procedures and you’re sinking hours into manual work?

Contact us. We can help.

Do you have a unique or time-intensive data task that you’re dreading? Our business and software experts are highly skilled in taking these types of data tasks and completing them in minutes or automating them for your future use. We handle all types of projects, big or small, and can create customized solutions based on your desired outcomes.

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Do you have critical, high volume, financial and operational data that you need help moving and managing?

Have you been sitting on a ton of data entry for weeks due to limited staff but you needed accurate financial reports yesterday?

We can upload your backlog of data into Commander quickly and error-free.

Do you need customers’ contact info for marketing projects such as creating address labels for mass mailings or other sorts of campaigns, but can’t figure out how to bulk export in Commander? Or are you entering it manually but keep falling asleep and making mistakes, and you just ran out of coffee? Are you wondering, “Will this torture ever end?”

We can extract your bulk data from Commander in the format you need to prevent further suffering.


Have you been putting off setting up your new tax schedules or financial statements because you’re afraid of making a mistake?

We can quickly create your new tax schedules or financial statements to avoid mistakes or missed deadlines.


Do you need to consolidate multiple companies or branches, but trying to merge all the financial and operational data is a nightmare? Have you put it off until your employees start to discuss mutiny and your dog cries when he comes to the office?

We can merge your existing data from one or more companies into an existing company or to form a new company.

Past Projects Include


Company A acquired certain companies and branches from one of our Commander clients. Company A needed to duplicate all of the customer, vendor, product, GL, etc. records from the acquired entities into new Commander companies and branches.


Our software development team created programs that copied and inserted all of the new data within seconds.


Company A avoided any business interruptions, which saved them time and money.


A client that was already using Commander acquired a second company that was also using Commander. They needed both companies to have identical product IDs, sale codes, term codes, etc.


Our software development team merged both companies’ data, avoiding errors and business disruptions.


The client saved months of staff time that would have been spent on manually changing values to sync their two Commander systems.

Do you have time-consuming Tasks that could be automated?


Do you have unique reporting needs but don’t know how to create a custom report? Did your 12-year old look it up on YouTube but can’t figure it out either?

We can create them for you using Commander’s Report Writer. It’s time to kick non-automated, report processing to the curb.

Examples include:

  • Setting up a custom report that summarizes gallons sold by product type (gasoline or diesel) that is sorted by customer name and federal EIN.
  • Making a custom report that creates a more condensed, category-based, (i.e. product sales, taxes, miscellaneous entries, etc.), price breakout for invoicing customers.
  • Creating a custom report that breaks down product sales per salesperson profit, with a regression across the current month, year-to-date, and other factors.

Do you suspect that more of your unique business processes could be automated? Are you tired of being in the office on a Saturday when you could be out golfing?

We can help automate your processes.

We specialize in customized programming solutions that help clients automate additional financial and operational processes. This can range from a simple script to a full-blown, custom program. We thrive on creating technology solutions to solve your business process problems.

Past projects include


A client’s imported rack prices were coming in with an effective time of 12 am instead of 6 pm. To fix this, they were manually editing the time on each price. They needed to automate this process to eliminate pricing errors and to save time.


Our team created a program to automatically change the imported rack price time. 


The client continues to save hours every month by automating this process.


A client wanted to import all of their data into the primary company as well as automatically parse out all of that data among their 22 other companies. Manually entering this data was time-consuming and expensive.


To address this, our software development team wrote several programs that allowed the client to get their manifests, vendor invoices, and credit cards automatically distributed to all of their other companies.


The client can process all the data in their primary company, which is then populated to their other companies with only a few clicks of a button. This has saved the client time and money by eliminating redundant tasks and errors.

“Every year we asked AIMS to review and audit our GL’s before we close our books and file taxes. It’s brought us so much peace of mind knowing that our books are done correctly.”

Owner, Sameer Mousa  

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