Best Practices That Save You Time and Money

Best practices fuel our business, training and consulting philosophy.

Over the past 50 years, we’ve developed, researched and learned by trial and error that there are indeed sensible and efficient ways to proceed with managing finances and operations for wholesale petroleum distributors. These procedures are vital to saving you time and money (while also reducing stress). In addition, we know that best practices aren’t a destination, it’s a journey that we take seriously and constantly invest in evolving along the way. We continually re-evaluate and update our best practices because accounting automation technology, the wholesale petroleum industry and your business are always evolving.

We strive to stay ahead of the curve to deliver you the best of the best every single time.

Especially, because when it comes to accounting, you need to know you can trust your numbers. In fact, the health and wealth of your business depend on it.

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Why do best practices matter?

It’s simple. Best practices save you time and money. They prevent you from having to:

  • Learn by trial and error
  • Reinvent the wheel
  • Make expensive mistakes
  • Struggle to meet government and industry regulations and timelines

Again, our goal is to help you make your financial and operational processes as efficient as possible, which increases your bottom line. We offer a number of services to help you do this.

“AIMS was, by far, the best in customer service I’ve ever seen. Customer service makes a big difference because you can have problems with any software. But if you can’t get it handled, it’s not worth it.”


Quality Petroleum
Office Manager, Caroline Barclay

AIMS Academy: Training Options, Business Assessments & Consulting Services

Use Commander to achieve business success by capitalizing on your employees’ knowledge and productivity while increasing your financial and operational efficiencies. AIMS Academy offers three primary ways for you to drive your company’s profitability.

Live & Remote Training Options

Help employees acquire, maintain, optimize, and validate their software skills.

Business Assessments & Consulting Services

Learn how to take Commander to the next level, maximizing its potential for all of your financial and operational processes.


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Educational Resources

Find helpful Commander tutorials and webinars on our Youtube channel.

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Customer Support: We’re Here to Help Whenever You Need It

We’re proud to put clients first. With multiple support package options, we make sure you get the help you need.

“The AIMS support team is always extremely fast in resolving any issues. They’re terrific.”


May and Carter Oil Company’s
CFO & Comptroller, Jesse Roberts

Special Project Services Customized to Meet Your Business Needs

If you’re struggling with getting the financial information you need from your data in the format you want without hours and hours of manual work, please call us. We can help customize and automate your data processes and procedures to save you time and money. We’re confident that we can help you implement a better way to move, manage, and manipulate your data.

Get in touch to learn how our special project services will help you get up to speed and back on track in no time.

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