Money-Saving Software
for Wholesale Petroleum Distributors

An Accounting/ERP Solution for financial management and accounting

A UST Compliance Solution for Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) or UST compliance

A Fuel Management Solution for UST fuel inventory management and dispatching

For transport, bobtail and heating fuel delivery

Are you a wholesale petroleum distributor whose livelihood is literally driven by cents on the dollar?

Does your profit depend on sorting multitudes of minuscule data in your current accounting software? Or are you having to chase your current provider around the block? If so, you’re probably experiencing high-stress levels, chronic neck tension and maybe a short fuse.

Staring at tiny numbers on a computer screen all day isn’t always productive or fun, especially when your ability to do so accurately impacts your company’s bottom line.

What if we told you there was a better way?

What if we told you that you could get back all those hours you spend craning your neck, your face inches from the screen, your fingers poised to cram all those numbers into cells as accurately and as quickly as possible? Would you believe us?

Let us prove it to you.

With over 50+ years of experience with financial software solutions for wholesale petroleum distributors, we can safely say that we know your business.

Our financial software solutions will not only make your life better they’ll also save you money and time.

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You’ll benefit from our software solutions through:

Extensive automation

to reduce errors and labor costs


Doubling your business volume

without adding administrative staff

Managing your business better

to control your expenses more closely

Increasing your profitability

while remaining competitive

Let us transform the way you manage your company’s finances. 

Our client shared this with us:

“Commander has cut my time spent on invoice processing and quotes in half. I don’t make as many mistakes. It’s much more error-proof. In this business, the margins are slim, and you can’t afford a mistake. Mistakes cost you profit instantly.”

CFO, Wes Rowe

Hear more about how our clients have saved time and money using our software solutions in this video. 

Let us help you start saving time and money today.

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