In-Person Sessions and Video Conference Workshops

COMPAS Commander excels at helping you gain better control over your company’s finances to save you time and money.

Let us train you on how to get the most out of your software. We’ll show you not only how to use Commander like a pro, but we’ll teach you how to apply our best practices to all your financial processes and procedures so you can accelerate your company’s growth.

We offer a range of training formats including in-person sessions and live, customized remote workshops. In general, our sessions take place in-person at your place of business offering in-depth knowledge, practice, and training on the Commander system over a longer period of time. Our workshops are offered via remote distance learning only and are taught live by one of our software trainers. These workshops focus on building specific skills and are of shorter duration. All courses can be customized to serve you best, so if you don’t see something that meets your company’s unique needs, please contact us.

In addition, we also offer short, task-specific tutorials for Commander on our Youtube channel.

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In-Person Training Sessions 

These sessions are available in person at your company’s location. These are intended to give new users, new hires, role-based employees, executives and advanced users all the tools and knowledge they need to get the most out of Commander for greater business success.

New Hire Training

AIMS Software Trainer

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Ensure your new hires hit the ground running. They’ll learn the basics and more to bring them up to speed quickly.  

  • Master basic entry functions needed to process payables, receivables, and inventory in Commander.
  • Create the proper procedures and processes to assist learning and daily work while adopting best practices.
  • Discover reporting that ensures accuracy and confidence.

Employee Role-Specific Training

AIMS Software Trainer

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Make certain that role-specific staff have the proper training to do their job. This in-depth training helps staff that perform specific roles within an organization. 

  • Develop all of the proper procedures to follow in a specific role.
  • Gain proficiency in established best practices for efficient Commander processing. 
  • Learn to use role-specific reports that ensure accuracy and increase company productivity.

Employee Cross-Training

AIMS Software Trainer

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Cross-train your staff to perform other job functions to cover any skill gaps if or when the unexpected happens. This comes in handy for when staff get sick or take scheduled time off.

  • Increase the efficiency and versatility of Commander functions.
  • Remove any bottlenecks created by unforeseen employee absences.
  • Make staffing around the holidays and vacations easier.

Employee Refresher Training

AIMS Software Trainer

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Over time, employees can lose job critical knowledge and skills. Refresh their memories while retraining them on core competencies to keep everyone working effectively and efficiently. 

  • Assess and refine skills while streamlining procedural documents.
  • Drive greater depth of knowledge to increase accounting precision.
  • Boost on-the-job confidence with the latest best practices.

Executive Training

AIMS Advanced Software Trainer

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Gain greater knowledge of the Commander accounting and financial reports package to run your business more productively. 

  • Increase your understanding of G/L entry, bank reconciliation, tax processing, and more.
  • Use Commander reports to analyze your company’s performance.
  • Create customized financial statements to track the profitability of specific assets.

Employee Advanced Training

AIMS Advanced Software Trainer

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Continue to develop your staff’s knowledge and skills once they’ve mastered their basic job functions. This in-depth training teaches them how to continue to excel and grow in their particular area. 

  • Master every aspect of your employee’s job skillset and function in Commander.
  • Implement Commander best practices to perform tasks with greater efficiency.
  • Specialize in advanced reporting and functions that make your employee’s job more effective.

Video Conference Workshops

Our one-on-one, remote workshops are taught live via video conferencing. These courses are skills-specific and shorter to help you and your employees quickly enhance your existing Commander skills. Also, they can be customized to address your most pressing needs and they offer flexible scheduling.
Lastly, in these workshops, we remain committed to sharing and teaching best practices to help your business excel.

End-of-Month Tax Account Balancing

AIMS Software Trainer
8 hours 

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Learn to balance your tax accounts at the month’s close like a pro. The course includes written instructions. 

  • We create customized spreadsheets to balance your tax accounts.
  • Train you to reconcile account balances at the period end in the general ledger (G/L).
  • Develop best practices procedures for monthly balancing.

End-of-Month General Ledger (G/L) Subsidiary Balancing

AIMS Software Trainer
8 hours (four, 2-hour sessions)

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Learn to balance your subsidiary accounts in G/L. This course includes written instructions on how to balance each account.

  • Determine which non-tax G/L accounts need balancing
  • Reconcile account balances accurately.
  • Learn to customize spreadsheets to balance your non-tax, subsidiary accounts

Customizing Financial Statements

AIMS Software Trainer
4 hours (two, 2-hour sessions)

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A complete how-to for taking ownership of your financial statement presentation.

  • Learn to edit financial statements, including titles, G/Ls, subtotals,  etc. to customize financial reports. 
  • Design new financial statements that let you focus on the most important data points.
  • Gain confidence to build special reports focused on subsidiary balances of key G/Ls.

Reconciling Bank Statements

AIMS Software Trainer
4 hours (two, 2-hour sessions)

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Learn to reconcile your bank statement using Commander’s built-in Bank Reconciliation function.

  • Learn how to use your bank statements to balance and maintain your bank account in Commander.
  • Discover how to track your bank transactions on your timeline, not just at month-end.
  • Gain confidence in knowing that your bank account is correct at all times.

Verifying Tax Reporting

AIMS Software Trainer
4 hours (two, 2-hour sessions)

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A complete guide on how to use Commander reporting to vet your motor fuel tax reporting. 

  • Verify your tax schedules using various Commander reports.
  • Make edits to your existing reports when changes occur in how your business buys and sells fuel.
  • Create new tax reports as the government demands them.

Customizable Workshop

AIMS Software Trainer
4-8 hours 

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Do you need specialized training to address your company’s unique needs? Then contact us below and we can create you a customized workshop so you can achieve even greater productivity.

  • Work with us to outline your unique business training needs and goals.
  • We create a workshop customized for your team and training objectives.
  • We train your team according to your training plan and targets including how to implement best practices.

“We selected AIMS after reviewing various petroleum fuel software providers. We found their program to be easy to work with, we get excellent support and they’re competitively priced. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the petroleum business looking for fuel software. I am confident that they will come to the same conclusion I did in selecting them.”

Prairie State Energy
Partner, Ken Kearns

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