Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Converting to AIMS Software

Q. Can Commander run in the cloud or is it premise-based?

A: We offer both solutions. Commander can run in the cloud or on a server located in your office. You choose the one that works best for you.

Q. Can I use my preferred hardware or cloud vendor?

A: Yes, if you have an established hardware vendor or cloud provider, we’ll work with them to make sure that you choose the right configuration. If you don’t, we’d be happy to help, as we also sell hardware and cloud hosting.

Q. Can we use our existing customer, vendor, product, etc. ID codes and/or descriptions?

A: In all likelihood, yes. Though ultimately, it will depend on the number of characters in your ID codes and descriptions. Commander uses 15 character alphanumeric fields for these types of account IDs. The description fields can contain up to 40 characters.

Q. Can we use our existing G/L structure?

A: More than likely, yes. Commander allows up to 5 segments with a total of 25 characters including the separator. (Examples include: 1000.000, 1000-00-0000, etc.)

Q. Do we have to build our own data if we convert to your system?

A: No, we build your data for you. Our goal is to completely prepare your new Commander system to prevent any major work disruptions while converting from your previous software. During our implementation process, we’ll gather data from your existing system for conversion. Then, using this data, we set up your system including general ledger, tax tables, products, customers and vendors. All you need to do is continue to run your business as usual.

Q. Does AIMS offer in-person training in my office?

A: Yes, we offer on-site training. We actually advise it because, in our experience, this yields a better-trained staff. Expect to spend 7-10 days in training to effectively learn the Commander system. Our training is unique in that we teach you Commander using your own data. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible and with established best practices so that you’ll have confidence in the accuracy of your data. Also, you’ll be able to rely on it to better manage your business. We make it fun so you’ll enjoy the learning process.

Q. From the date, we sign an agreement, how long before we can begin using AIMS software?

A: Timelines can vary depending on multiple factors. However, in general, you should be ready to go live on your Commander system within 90 to 120 days. 

Q. Is it best to wait till the start of a new fiscal year to implement new software?

A: Converting to new software at the end of your fiscal year is not ideal since it tends to be the busiest time for most companies. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the best time to implement new software. If you’re trying to minimize disruption to your workflow and your company’s operations, please call us so we can walk you through what to expect and assist you in your planning. 

Commander Functionality and More

Q. Can we write our own reports?

A: Yes, we have a Report Writer available as one of our process automation modules. Click here to read more. 

Q. Does Commander interface to any c-store software packages?

A: Yes, it does. We have the ability to interface with a number of 3rd party c-store back-office software systems. Learn more about our partners here.

Q. Can AIMS create custom software programs for my company?

A: Yes, we offer custom programming services. Please contact us with your unique software needs so we can provide you with a project estimate.

Q. Can my CPA access your software programs from his office?

A: Yes, in fact, this is very common. The only thing required is remote user access.

Q. If we don’t want to use DTN or a similar service for our rack price downloads, can we import prices pulled directly off of oil company websites?

A: Yes, most suppliers provide a format that is compatible with Commander. 

Q. We want to electronically import data such as BOLs, fuel invoices, credit cards and rack prices. Do you set this up for us?

A: Yes, our Commander process automation modules will import and process your data. We will set them up and train you on managing these modules.

“As to Commander, I’ve told my boss numerous times that I like this or that function much better than what we did in our old system. Many of the functions are much easier. I especially love being able to go back and reprint customer statements —- that’s amazing and easy!”


Alice Welch
Office Manager, Rigby Oil Company, Inc.

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