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Strong Partners Make All the Difference.

We believe in the importance of strategically partnering with fellow suppliers in the fuel industry to bring you the best options for your business. That’s why we strive to make sure our software can interface with a wide range of product offerings in the wholesale and retail petroleum industry. In fact, our willingness to work with other companies, to give our customers robust solutions for their businesses, is unique in our industry.

Partners Help Increase Automation and Customization.

We’re a firm believer in focusing on what you do best. This is why we’ve partnered with companies whose offerings work hand in hand with our software products and services. Our goal is to offer you the best in automation capabilities available to meet your needs. Please read more about our partners, with whom we have electronic interfaces, below.


If you’re currently using or plan to use any of the 3rd party solutions below, please contact us to discuss integration with the Commander system.

Fortitude Technology (a Nfinit company)

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Fortitude delivers cost-effective, flexible solutions that provide responsive and predictable levels of managed hosting, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions. This company provides services to customers throughout the United States, regardless of their size. If you’re running business-critical applications, Fortitude’s hosted infrastructures availability, scalability, and security are essential. Contact us to learn more.

ClearView (powered by Dover Fueling Solutions)

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ClearView’s monitoring services are designed to protect your fuel business by identifying the source and exact location of any fuel losses that occur on-site. Their monitoring services are designed to help you lower operational costs and improve profit margins, while offering regulatory and environmental protection to keep you legally compliant. ClearView monitors millions of gallons/liters of fuel daily, for independent dealers, hypermarket chains, and multinational oil companies.

AP Technology

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AP is a leading provider of business check printing solutions. These solutions include  SecureCheck 8, MICR check printing software, SecurePay positive pay file conversion software, ezSigner secure signing software, and TruPrint MICR toner & check stock. Contact us for more details.

Husker Oil

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Husker Oil is a simple, inexpensive alternative for reporting your fuel taxes or transporter returns. This software is web-based, has an easy-to-use interface, quick online help and integrates well with Commander.

Liberty Office Products

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Liberty is a distributor of preprinted forms and office products. For years, they’ve supplied our customers with custom forms compatible with AIMS’ Commander software. For more information, contact us.


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PenSoft has been developing payroll software since 1983. Many of our existing clients use Pensoft because they can easily and quickly import data from this software directly into Commander.

RINAlliance (RIN)

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RINAlliance is the leading authority in Renewable Fuel Identification Number (RIN) management. They provide petroleum marketers with EPA registration assistance, access to compliance experts, easy-to-use online RIN tracking system, automated RFS quarterly reporting and related audits, RIN brokering and RIN quality assurance tools. Commander software users can take advantage of the existing data flow automation with RINAlliance.

Cardlock Devices

The following cardlock providers offer integrated fueling card processing solutions to fleet managers and owners, both proprietary or network. These solutions deliver 24/7, year round fueling products to the industry.

AutoGas, (an Altametrics company)

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AutoGas is a leading software developer in customer loyalty solutions for the gasoline marketing, high-volume retail and convenience store industries

Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) (a FleetCor company)

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Established in 1988, CFN’s goal was to create a North American commercial cardlock network that offers integrated fueling card processing solutions to fleet managers and owners. Today, CFN is composed of over 350 independent petroleum marketers who provide the transportation industry with fueling products 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Mannatec (a FleetCor company)

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Mannatec is one of the world’s leading fleet card companies. They provide reliable, hassle-free private label fleet card programs for petroleum marketers who want to attract more customers, increase fuel and convenience store purchases and encourage regular, repeat visits from their customers.

Pacific Pride (PacPride) (a FleetCor company)

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The Pacific Pride Card can be used at any Pacific Pride and PrideNet site across the United States, (1,200+ sites) and Canada (200+ sites) and is one of the nation’s largest cardlock fueling networks. PacPride is dedicated to providing fleet managers some welcome relief from rising fuel costs and more control over their vehicle use and maintenance. Drivers enjoy the convenience of our many online, mobile and GPS search options and our clean, well-lit and maintained fueling stations.

Convenience Store Software Providers

Are you thinking of migrating to Commander but are operating lots of convenience stores? Rest assured, Commander is one of the few systems that integrates with most of the major c-store back office software solutions.  This means that all of your data including shift reports, fuel inventory, and more can be electronically imported into Commander. If you don’t see your 3rd party software listed among the compatible options below, please contact us to learn more. 


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FuelLogix is a full-service systems integrator specializing in the technology and daily business reporting for the retail petroleum and convenience store industries. FuelLogix offers a full complement of consulting, implementation, procurement and management services. Also, they’re a complete source for software, hardware, networking, remote monitoring, and disaster recovery. Leading brand names within the FuelLogix portfolio include Agility, iFlex, and LoadTrax. FuelLogix provides retailers with a complete enterprise solution from point-of-sale to corporate financial systems by integrating with Commander.


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Petrosoft offers back-office solutions for the convenience and retail industries. These solutions deliver operational insights by streamlining retail operational workflows, data inputs, and data outputs through a secure cloud-based (SaaS) solution and integration with industry-leading retail systems.

Series2K (S2K)

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S2K.net is a web-based Microsoft SQL server and Back Office Management system for gas station c-stores and jobber businesses. You can export data as an Excel (csv) file for easy import into Commander.

Success Systems

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Success Systems is a store automation solution for independent retailers. They offer automation options for C-stores, petroleum marketers, liquor and tobacco retailers across the nation. Their products are certified by most of the major point-of-sale platforms.

Data Integration Service Providers

Commander can import data from most major data integration service providers, which offers a steady stream of vital supplier data including rack prices, fuel invoices, credit card settlements and BOLs in Commander compatible format. In addition, with a Commander readable file, we can also import data directly from most fuel suppliers’ websites. Below is a list of service providers compatible with Commander. Please contact us for more info.

Axxis Software

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Axxis is a trusted provider of real-time software, market data and solutions for the downstream petroleum industry. They offer modular solutions that help you improve margin, reduce mistakes, save time and lower costs by automating your fuel management processes. These processes include price and transaction capture, best buy, quotation and notification, order, dispatch and transaction management.


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DTN delivers integrated data solutions with traditional and innovative product offerings. They’re  the leading data integration and automated supply chain management technology solutions provider for the downstream refined fuels marketing and distribution industry.

Intellifuel, (a PDI company)

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Intellifuel is the leading provider of data capture services for the petroleum industry. They provide the data, software and interfaces you need to automate operational processes. Intellifuel’s expertise will help you substantially scale many of the manual tasks in your supply chain, including inventory management, system interfaces, dispatching, trading partner communications, BOL reconciliation and more.

Kalibrate Technologies

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Kalibrate is the leading global provider of fuels pricing and retail location intelligence, helping retailers fine-tune decisions to deliver on performance goals. Its proven software, analytics and consulting solutions draw on more than 20 years of expertise and insight into the needs and opportunities of petroleum retailers. Kalibrate has headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom and Florham Park, New Jersey. The company also has a Center of Excellence in Tulsa, Oklahoma and sales operations in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea and Africa.

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

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OPIS is the world’s most comprehensive source for petroleum pricing and news information with offices in the U.S., Europe and Singapore. OPIS is the most widely accepted U.S. fuel price benchmark for supply contracts and competitive positioning. OPIS covers pricing, analysis and news for gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, LP-gas, jet fuel, crude, propane, feedstocks, resid, and kerosene. Through its subsidiary, AXXIS Software, it also provides leading-edge software solutions for petroleum marketers looking to automate price collection, data storage and repricing of dealer and commercial accounts.

Toptech Systems, Inc.

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Toptech is a leading provider of terminal automation software and hardware solutions. Since 1988, they’ve delivered superior products and unparalleled service.

Truck Software Solutions

Optimize the flow of information in your distribution and logistics business to improve productivity and boost your profitability. In addition, gain increased management visibility across your business.

Dupré Logistics, LLC

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Dupré is a team of professionals who design and deliver safe, diversified logistics solutions and services for quality-focused clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage. As part of a solution for fuel marketers and convenience stores, Dupre’ electronically interfaces with Commander to receive inventory readings and manage store tank inventories. In addition, Dupre can send Commander fuel delivery schedules, completed fuel delivery data, and fuel freight invoices directly from Dupre’s truck. Dupré is headquartered in Lafayette, LA and has more than 1,000 team members.

Liquid Controls (an IDEX Corporation company) (NYSE:IEX)

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Liquid Controls supplies high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications. Though they started out in the original military aircraft fueling requirement, they now serve a wide variety of industries.


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MID:COM is a leading manufacturer of electronic meter registers, on board computers and accessories for all types of flow meters. Typically, their systems are used with positive displacement, mass flow and turbine meters. The most common applications are on propane and petroleum delivery trucks. However, their systems can also be used for metering water, fertilizer, chemicals, solvents and a number of different industrial liquids.

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