Transform how you manage your finances and your operations.

An Accounting/ERP Solution for financial management and accounting

A UST Compliance Solution for Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) or UST compliance

A Fuel Management Solution for UST fuel inventory management and dispatching

For transport, bobtail and heating fuel delivery

“The efficiency of AIMS products has made us more accountable and balanced. We are now able to run our business more efficiently, which is very important in today’s volatile petroleum industry. The AIMS team is a wonderful group of people to work with. I can’t name just one person. They’re all a great bunch. As far as being able to get answers and meet programming needs, they are the company to go to.”

Jack Green Oil Company
Owner, Gary Harris

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Accounting and ERP Software Solution

Ready to graduate from outdated, poorly supported fuel accounting software to accelerate your company’s growth? Have you outgrown your existing accounting system and need industry-specific software that can grow with you?

Let us show you how to grow your business with our Commander petroleum marketer accounting solution and save you time and money.

As our most popular product, Commander was uniquely developed to give jobbers a streamlined approach to manage their complex financial processes.

Commander’s strength stems from its own proprietary general ledger and its ability to integrate additional features with the help of our process automation modules.

Also, Commander is able to scale with your company’s growth while reducing costs and improving efficiencies along the way.

Want to learn more?

Go to the COMPAS Commander page.

Training is available!

Find our Commander tutorial videos here.

Fuel Inventory Management Software Solution

AutoSend is a convenient, fuel inventory management and dispatching solution that provides precise UST fuel inventory control. Using a phone keypad, your remote locations can easily submit their fuel inventory data to the home office. AutoSend does not require a PC or another data collection/sending device at remote locations, which makes it ideal for operations with dealer and wholesale accounts.

Want to learn more?

Go to the AutoSend page.

statistical inventory reconciliation software solution

Our Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) in-house software is an affordable, comprehensive solution for addressing EPA fuel leak detection while meeting UST compliance requirements. AutoSIR quickly finds and resolves tank and pump issues while ensuring accuracy. AutoSIR is minimally intrusive because it doesn’t require anything to be installed at any of your locations.

Want to learn more?

Go to the AutoSir page.


Fuel Dispatch is a cloud-based dispatching software system accessible from anywhere with cellular or Wi-Fi service. Fuel Dispatch includes an optional mobile app, enabling drivers to receive updated pickup and delivery instructions within minutes of it being entered into the system, all on the go.

Fuel Dispatch is designed to sync with AIMS Commander accounting software by providing it with the completed purchase and delivery data needed to automatically update product inventory values, quantities, costs, etc. And, of course, Commander automatically generates sales invoices to your customers.

Want to learn more?

Go to the Dispatch page.

“I looked at several different accounting programs and I even checked into having someone write our own. All of them but AIMS would have required us to make double entries into the G/L. After Commander, we had very few errors and were able to track any and all things in our office, including our stations’ sales.”

Stallings Brothers Holdings Inc.
Office Manager, Kathy Pitts

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