We’re grateful for our lasting relationships with customers.

We appreciate the opportunity to support them in optimizing their jobbership performance while also growing their profits.

We’ve asked some of our clients to share their experiences working with us and our software solutions.
Here’s what they had to say:

“The more we use Commander, the more we like it. It is pretty forgiving! I’ve been very pleased with the reporting capabilities of the system. This system is MUCH easier to use than our previous software and that is a big plus. Overall, this system is doing exactly what we were hoping it would. As far as training went, the willingness of AIMS’ software trainers to guide us through our mistakes and quirks was the real key to getting the Commander system up and running smoothly. The biggest driver of our success is that the AIMS team has a firm understanding of how accounting, the fuel product supply chain, taxes, and programming work and how they can best be integrated with their product.”
Frank Coffey

Owner, Rigby Oil Company

“Over the weekend, our server went down. Monday morning we realized what had happened and I called AIMS support for help and options. We needed to be back up and running as quickly as possible so they suggested we migrate to their cloud service, which we did. Then, AIMS installed our latest backup, which allowed us to be up and running with no data loss by Monday afternoon. The AIMS team did an outstanding job and we cannot thank them enough. We saved data, time, and money. Thank you, AIMS.” 

Greg Stringer

Owner, Planters Oil Company

“Without the COMPAS system that we have in place, it would probably take 25 people eight hours a day to keep up and implementing the system was really easy. If a marketer is not satisfied with their present system, they need to look at AIMS. Change is always hard and there is a learning curve, but the payoff is worth it.”

James Connor

Controller, Evans Oil Company

“I feel that our company is setting the foundation for rapid growth by getting our systems fully automated. We get our problems resolved quickly with AIMS. We can propose new ways of thinking about our data and AIMS always tries to accommodate us. AIMS is trying to help the jobber community think of their back-office data in ways that can make it an asset and harness the data to empower employees to perform more in less time. AIMS can tailor a solution just in those areas that you feel you need improvement, or they can offer a completely integrated solution like ours that incorporates inventory, billing, leak detection, and automation solutions.”

Lewis Efird

President, United Oil of the Carolinas

“Things are going great here. We actually went through a fuel audit earlier in the year and it was nice how easy the new system measured up to the auditor’s requests. The difference between its accountability and our old system was like night and day. I wish we had switched over sooner, but at least I know that in the future any auditing processes should be a breeze. It’s hard to believe we’ve already had it a year. Thanks for helping us make the transition, we couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

Kristin Freeland

Pafford Oil Company Inc

“We have been using AutoSIR since 1998. The information for AutoSIR comes from the AutoSend data that is entered daily. We really like the program as it is no work on our part. The data is there. We really like the performance this program does for us.”
Cindy Danford

Fuel Management and Dispatch Coordinator, Hi-Noon Petroleum, Inc.

“We use a couple of AIMS systems. AutoSend for SIR analysis and their dispatching capabilities are just as valuable to us as COMPAS is for manifest entry and accounting. Both systems expedite administration. We’ve had a good relationship with AIMS. They stress customer service, and I have found them to be fair in their dealings.”
Rick Campbell

President, Progressive Energy, LLC

“Where do I start…LOL. First of all, AIMS did an awesome job training us. Their team made it fun and enjoyable. AIMS was very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Their response time to our calls and emails is amazing! We would love to have them back anytime! As to Commander, I’ve told my boss numerous times that I like this or that functions much better than what we did in our old system. Many of the functions are much easier. I especially love being able to go back and reprint customer statements —- that’s amazing and easy!”
Alice Welch

Office Manager, Rigby Oil Company

“Over 30 years ago, we learned about Robert and AIMS during their presentation at a supplier meeting. They did such a wonderful job of helping us run our jobbership before we sold it. There couldn’t possibly be a better software system operated by a more committed and caring organization than AIMS. The detailed numbers and reports they provided were great. And the AIMS family was always there to help us get it right in a very personal and businesslike way. Even though I’m semi-retired now, we still keep in touch!”
Jack Burgess

Former Owner, Burgess Marketing, Inc.

“The efficiency of AIMS products has made us more accountable and balanced. We are now able to run our business more efficiently, which is very important in today’s volatile petroleum industry. The AIMS team is a wonderful group of people to work with. I can’t name just one person. They’re all a great bunch. As far as being able to get answers and meet programming needs, they are the company to go to.”

Gary Harris

Owner, Jack Green Oil Company

“Asking around, AIMS had a very good reputation in the market, and that’s where we landed. Commander has taken my time from invoice processing, and quotation, and cut it in half, at least. Not only has it cut my time in half, but I also don’t make as many mistakes. It’s much more error-proof. In this business, the margins are slim, and you can’t afford a mistake. Mistakes cost you profit instantly.”

Wes Rowe


“We selected AIMS after reviewing various petroleum fuel software providers. We found their program to be easy to work with, we get excellent support and they’re competitively priced. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the petroleum business looking for fuel software. I am confident that they will come to the same conclusion I did in selecting them.”

Ken Kearns

Partner, Prairie State Energy

“I cannot say enough about the value that our company derived from the AIMS Advanced User Review & Consult: Commander Best Practices package. Travis did an excellent job working individually with our team members to improve each function to ensure optimization of our accounting software. With his coaching, feedback and follow up on our workflow, our productivity is now at a peak level. I would highly recommend this evaluation for any company looking to enhance their best practices and improve overall function.”

Josh & Chelsea Roberts

Owners, Eli Roberts & Sons

“AIMS customer service is excellent. They truly care for your company and make every effort to resolve your issue the same day.”

Summer Alexander

Accountant, Maples Gas Company

“Every year we ask AIMS to review and audit our GL’s before we close our books and file taxes. It’s brought us so much peace of mind knowing that our books are done correctly.”

Sameer Mousa

Owner, SAMCO

“I looked at several different accounting programs and I even checked into having someone write our own. All of them but AIMS would have required us to make double entries into the G/L. After Commander, we had very few errors and were able to track any and all things in our office, including our stations’ sales.”

Kathy Pitts

Office Manager, Stallings Brothers Holdings Inc.

“When we went to Louisiana to visit AIMS, we were treated really well and got to meet a lot of the people that we had already talked to on the phone and see their set up. AIMS had a lot of different people working there. That was good to see because one of our biggest concerns, again, was making sure that they would be around. And they presented themselves as a company that was going to be around for a while. After seeing Commander, I was sold. AIMS was, by far, the best in customer service I’ve ever seen. Customer service makes a big difference because you can have problems with any software. But if you can’t get it handled, it’s not worth it. I was absolutely dreading the conversion from our old system to Commander. Anything like that’s always a challenge. I was amazed at how easy it was compared to what I thought it would be. I mean, it is cumbersome, and it presents challenges but AIMS made it really easy. I was really quite amazed at how easy it was to transfer over.”

Caroline Barclay

Office Manager, Quality Petroleum

“Commander is a strong product; it does what we need it to do with inventory control, sales, A/R, A/P, and more. The AIMS support team is always extremely fast in resolving any issues. They’re terrific.”

Jesse Roberts

CFO, May and Carter Oil Company’s

“AutoSend/AutoSIR works. The state accepts it as a method to satisfy compliance regulations. AutoSend is a good tool for dispatching. We are pleased with both. And most importantly, the AIMS support team has been fantastic.”
Lonney Averill

CFO, Stockton Oil Company

“I am so pleased that we upgraded to Commander. The associated service has been superior, from the initial training to ongoing occasional support as needed. To be honest, we don’t use the support that often because the training we received was top-notch, but when we do, it’s always quality.”

Amy Buser

CFO, Hi Noon Petroleum, Inc.

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