Our Leadership Team

Robert CanteRbury

Robert CanteRbury

President and CEO

driven – organized – reliable


Though Robert lives for faith, family, learning and the simple life, he loves waking up everyday to face the challenging and forever changing technology industry with AIMS’ clients and co-workers. He’s impressed by the fact that most of AIMS’ customers are multi-generational, family-owned businesses with high values.

Robert possesses many of the necessary qualities of a company president, driveness, organization and reliability, which he uses to help clients save money using petroleum industry specific accounting software that is AIMS’ namesake. He believes in supporting AIMS’ customers to not only survive but to thrive in the wholesale petroleum industry. After all, his greatest strengths include constantly pursuing excellence and achievement, creating harmony and using his analytical gifts for the good of all.

Though he works long, hard hours (he’s the boss, right?), he still knows how to have fun and spends his time outside of work dedicated to living the good life with his family and friends.

His favorite activities include spending time with his youngest son (who heads up their family’s “stay young” program), playing guitar, working out, biking, boating, skiing, attending football games and hanging out with friends.

Robert’s family is vast. He has 5 tight knit siblings and has been married to his wife, Traci, for 25 years. He has three sons and a beloved Welsh Terrier, Bella.

Looking back, Robert equates playing Little League baseball as a time of innocence and freedom, a time he fondly remembers. Christmas celebrations with his large family was also always a time filled with excitement and magic.

Annette Kesler

Annette Kesler

Director of Sales and Marketing

loyal – tenacious – honest


Annette lives for faith, family and AIMS, where she’s a leader in creative problem solving, product innovation and tenacity. She’s not only quick on her feet, but she’s a fast learner. These abilities have enabled her to learn AIMS inside and out making her a great fit for the design and development of all new products and special client projects. Annette’s known for her loyalty, honesty and persistence. 

In addition, her extensive knowledge of AIMS software and the industry at large, which, when combined with her willingness to always help, makes her a game changer for any customer issues. There are many things she enjoys about working at AIMS. These include the integrity of the team and using her creativity to help clients grow. 

When Annette is not working, she spends her time with her family, reading, gardening or at church. Her family includes two sons, three granddaughters to whom she’s known affectionately as “Granna,” and two grandsons. Annette also has a bonded pair of Tibetan Spaniel dogs both of whom just had a birthday. To celebrate, she and her granddaughter threw them a birthday party. Needless to say, it was a fun time.

What Annette remembers most fondly from her childhood are all the spur of the moment, family camping and swimming trips. Proving yet again that unpredictable adventure, togetherness and creative responsive fun are cornerstones to strong connections. Sounds a bit like the daily happenings at most software companies, doesn’t it?

Travis Roberts

Travis Roberts

Director of Client Services

confident – direct – funny


Travis lives for complex challenges, family, and talking politics. Whether it’s creating satisfying relationships with clients, solving complex software snags, or making his colleagues laugh on a dime, he’s usually up for tackling anything. This makes him a perfect fit for AIMS since we specialize in meeting our clients’ unique and constantly evolving needs and making them feel at home with our team. In addition, he’s a whiz at accounting, data analysis, and business administration, which helps him bring his A-game to the AIMS team and our clients.

A self-proclaimed “mad scientist,” Travis is known for his ability to solve problems in creative and at times, “strange” ways. He’s also known for his depth of subject knowledge, confidence, diligence, and getting projects done, along with his sense of humor.

Outside of work, Travis spends his time with his wife, Sandy (married for over two decades and counting), daughter, Samantha, (who’s graduating #1 in her high school class and will begin in sophomore standing at ULM this spring) and his son, Aiden (who loves baseball and whose team Travis helps coach), playing sports, watching movies and other fun activities. He also has two dogs, Charlie (PomChi) and Odie (Yorkie Jack).

Looking back, his favorite childhood memories center on growing up with his three brothers hanging out on the river bank all day long, hunting and fishing and playing sports. They remain tight-knit to this day.

Allan Goodall

Allan Goodall

Director of Software Development

caring – focused – inquisitive


Allan lives for bringing history to life, the challenging yet fun interplay of games as a whole and supporting the welfare of people and animals. In fact, if Allan hadn’t been such a software and developer extraordinaire, his alternative calling would have seen him flourish as a history teacher. To say that Allan loves games is an understatement. He lives and breathes games, from board games to roleplaying adventures to sports (from football to hockey to Formula 1 racing). Not only is Allan at times a spectator and a participant, but he’s also a creator of games. In fact, he’s written and published three historically based professional roleplaying adventure books with a fourth one on the way.

With such an active, creative imagination and a background in computer programming and systems analysis, Allan fits in at AIMS like a hand in a glove. He freely admits that his favorite things about AIMS is everyone’s approachability, flexibility and dedication to partnering with clients, not treating them like “resources to be exploited.” He also admits to not being a fan of red tape and “suits in cubes at 8 am sharp,” which makes perfect sense given that neither history nor programming gives a damn about these things either.

At times, his colleagues might describe him as “foreign” since he was born in Glasgow, Scotland and grew up in Ontario, Canada. However, he’s been calling Louisiana home for close to two decades now having moved here to be with his wife, Alana, and his stepson, Logan, who now works for the US Army as a satellite operations and maintenance technician. He also has two rescue dogs, Suzy (mixed breed) and Oliver (a beagle). Allan and his wife support various social causes including charities that benefit dogs and other animals.

His favorite childhood memory stemmed from a broken collarbone around his 11th birthday. During his week home from school, his mother took him Christmas shopping with her. The day turned out to be gorgeous, brisk, sunny, and completely memorable. It quickly became their annual family tradition that even his father joined.

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