When assessing the capabilities of your accounting software (or those of other systems), it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • Is the software built on old technology (e.g., UNIX or text-based input screens)?
  • How many people develop and support the system? (If it’s only 1-2 people, run away.)
  • What specific functions and features do you need?

Software built on old technology from the 70’s and 80’s doesn’t help your business.

It’s critical for software providers to continue to update their systems with newer industry standards.

For example, our software relies on these robust software tools:

  • Microsoft SQL Server relational database engine to provide the highest levels of reliability, accessibility and scalability.
  • Microsoft software development platform to build rich applications that are accessible by a variety of devices.

Software developed and supported by only 1-2 people is basically a house of cards.

What if tragedy strikes?

What if the 1-2 people developing and supporting your software get ill or they have a family emergency? What if one of them quits? Or worse, passes away?

Where does that leave you?

What are your company’s accounting needs? What are the software’s features? Can the software deliver?

For example, does it:

  • Process DTN and/or other supplier formats for your Bills of Lading, credit card settlements, fuel invoice or vendor price imports?
  • Automate processes such as customer drafting (EFT), delivery transactions, consignment billing, etc., to save time and reduce errors?
  • Quickly and automatically email customer documents (such as invoices and statements) and price quotes based on changing fuel prices?
  • Import and invoice your proprietary and network cardlock transactions?
  • Allow you to create and customize new reports?
  • Prepare fuel taxes electronically in EDI, XML or .csv formats based on individual state requirements?

In the end, managing and analyzing your data to make good business decisions shouldn’t be difficult.

Technology is a powerful asset that when created and used correctly will help your business thrive.

We want you to succeed.

We’re always interested to hear more about how you’re solving your accounting software challenges. Please share more with us here.

Lastly, if you’re feeling stuck or unsure of how to get the most from your software technology, please contact us to schedule a free consult.