Accounting Software for Petroleum Marketers: Why the Details Matter

Jul 2, 2024

Every petroleum marketer needs to be able to manage their finances seamlessly or else risk inaccurate reports, missed margins, and even lost revenue.

The little details make all the difference in data collection and management.

You need a solution that allows you to work efficiently and does not waste time or resources, hindering the success of your business.

As a trusted industry partner, AIMS wants you to benefit from our integrated, single-entry accounting and enterprise resource planning software system designed specifically with your business in mind.

COMPAS Commander is our complete solution that combines general ledger, fuel management, and fuel excise tax reporting in one seamless platform. There is no longer a need for printed out spreadsheets with highlighters on standby. Commander is designed specifically for petroleum distributors and is customizable for your accounting needs.

Let Commander help you:

  • Process DTN and/or other supplier formats for your bills of lading, credit card settlements, fuel invoices, and vendor prices
  • Access precise reports detailing just how much profit you are making each month
  • Automate processes like customer drafting, delivery transactions, and consignment billing
  • Import and invoice proprietary and network cardlock transactions
  • Automatically email customer invoices, statements and other documents
  • Prepare fuel taxes electronically in EDI, XML, or .csv formats based on state requirements
  • Automatically email customer price quotes based on changing fuel prices

In the end, the devil is in the details, and we don’t want you to get stuck in purgatory. Managing and analyzing your data shouldn’t be difficult. Let us help you streamline.

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