What your current accounting software is missing

Jun 4, 2024

It seems like everything has a waiting period, doesn’t it? When you place an order, the waiting period is always such a stressful drag. It’s also worth mentioning the million things that could go wrong, or that you THINK will go wrong, while you twiddle your thumbs.

At first glance, it may seem that access to your business’s financial documents and statements SHOULDN’T require any waiting. After all, the information is readily available in your records, so why can’t you simply produce your financial statements as needed?

Unfortunately, this statement does not hold true in all cases, as many business owners pay significant sums of money every month to their CPA to prepare their financial statements. Additionally, because of the sometimes-lengthy waiting period, the information provided may become outdated and therefore not suitable for making informed decisions.

What’s the point?

Why not work smarter, not harder?

CPAs have their merits, and we certainly aren’t undermining their highly valuable profession. But we don’t think you need them to do something as simple as creating monthly financial statements, especially not for the hourly rates they charge.

From a business standpoint, you’re not getting a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you are not getting the reports in a timely manner for making decisions.


Save money with automated financial reports

Let’s face it: the reality is that you are shelling out thousands of dollars annually for a service that contributes little to your business.

That’s where COMPAS Commander comes in by automating your financial reporting and providing you with instant access to information so you can make informed business decisions.  


With COMPAS Commander, you can finally:
  • Streamline the way you track your margins and profitability
  • Pave a clearer path for the best business decisions and goals, based on accurate, automated reports
  • Cut out the middleman and save money on CPA expenses. No more sending the financial statements back and forth to revise and correct for missing data.
  • Reduce 75% of manual data entry errors.
  • Scale your business efficiently.

So, say goodbye to agonizing over late reports and playing email tag with your CPA. Maximize your success with better, up-to-date accounting software designed specifically for petroleum distributors that saves you time and money!

Ready to save time and money? Connect with us here to learn more about how COMPAS Commander can help.

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