What Petroleum Marketers Are Saying About Their Experience with AIMS Accounting Software

Jun 14, 2024

Over the last few emails, we’ve talked about the various struggles of the largest accounting software companies in our industry and how these acquisitions aren’t making your life any easier.

Now, we want to show you how your peers are finding success by implementing accounting software that’s transforming their petroleum business.

First, let’s start with Southwest Marketers, Inc.

Since 1969, Southwest Marketers has been serving petroleum products to various customers and businesses throughout the Midland, Texas region. They made the switch from their previous accounting system to COMPAS Commander and here’s what their controller, Gail Parker, had to say.

“Annette (and team) is very knowledgeable, and I was immediately at ease during our initial conversation. I was given definite answers to all my questions regarding COMPAS Commander, including pricing and a timetable which would work with our expectations. When I was introduced to our implementation team, we felt reassured that this process would be smooth. The data transition went smoothly, and we were impressed by the intricate knowledge of accounting and taxes, especially with new federal tax changes. We moved smoothly from the old system into AIMS, and the implementation with Kristin was essential to this seamless transition – she made this process easy as we were nervous and apprehensive. The AIMS team made everyone feel comfortable, allowing us to understand the functionality of AIMS software. Their implementation team was great.”

Next, let’s look at Rigby Oil Co., Inc.

Rigby Oil has been providing commercial fuel services to the Clarendon County area of South Carolina since 1915. Here’s what their president, Frank Coffey, said about their experience.

“We’re a small wholesale petroleum distributor that provides short truck delivery, transport to haul services, and operate several cardlock locations. Before AIMS, we used a very well-known petroleum ERP system that we’d been using for 19 years. We made the change because our previous software vendor was acquired. As part of that purchase, we were offered a transition discount to upgrade our existing accounting package or find another solution. That’s when we chose to look elsewhere and found the AIMS COMPAS Commander system. After the switch, we found the AIMS team to be responsive, and their communication and professionalism has been superb, especially with Annette. For the first time, we are working with a software company that truly understands our business and their software, and how to utilize their software to run our office more efficiently. They even helped us overcome the biggest hurdle of learning and implementing new software, as well as how to enter and process our data. The Commander system is very forgiving, user-friendly, and the support and training are outstanding! I wish we would have made this transition sooner!”

Lastly, let’s look at Jack Green Oil Company.

Jack Green Oil Company is based in Oxford, Alabama and provides their customers with industry-leading lubricants, fuels, and specialty products. For over 45 years, their lubricants and products have served multiple industries like agriculture, construction, automotive, and mining. Here’s what their owner, Gary Harris, had to say.

“The efficiency of AIMS Commander solution has made us more accountable and balanced. We are now able to run our business more efficiently, which is important in today’s volatile petroleum industry. The AIMS team is a wonderful group of people to work with, and I can’t name just one person because they’re a great bunch. AIMS is the go-to company for accounting and meeting your accounting software programming needs.”

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