Is Your Petroleum Distribution Business Being Forced to Change Your Accounting Software? 

Jun 7, 2024

In the petroleum distribution industry, many of the accounting solutions that once dominated the industry have been acquired by giant software companies and private equity groups.

While it’s safe to assume that many of the software solutions you use to run your petroleum business will change ownership hands at some point, it definitely doesn’t make your life easier when it happens.

Here’s the result that you’ve likely experienced:

  • You’re forced to pay more money in ongoing support fees.
  • You’re being forced to upgrade to the acquiring company’s “new” software system, which comes with a very high price tag.
  • The responses to your support requests have deteriorated in both quality and timeliness.
  • Your relationship with your software vendor has become less important because they are more focused on their own profit
  • Managing your data, various integrations, and even certain customizations has become more difficult.

What’s the solution and what should you consider when this happens?

There are certain benefits of your accounting software that you should expect.  These include affordability, timely responses to your support requests, and a partner who is committed to delivering exceptional quality of service to meet your needs.   

Support is critical and your software vendor’s support team should be with you every step of the way.  Is there anything worse than having to explain an issue over and over again to someone unfamiliar with your business because they’re part of the new support team with the new vendor? That’s usually what happens when software companies are purchased by corporate conglomerates.

Before you say ‘yes’ to the shiny, new version of the end-of-life software your provider is forcing you to purchase, you should consider your options.  Are there better, more affordable solutions available that meet your needs? 

Every petroleum marketer needs to manage their accounting and finances. Our solutions have been helping petroleum distributors improve their profitability and operational efficiencies for decades.

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So, if you find yourself in this situation, remember that you have other options.

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