How Wholesale Petroleum Distributors Can Work Smarter, Save Time, and Decrease Costs with the Right Accounting Software

Jun 10, 2024

Now that tax season is over, it may be time to start reevaluating your accounting software to save time and decrease your costs. If you are using older or legacy software that has not been updated in quite some time, then it could be costing your business money. Let’s talk about how software impacts your company.

For instance, in 2022, 21% of businesses cited keeping up with technology as a significant issue they were facing. These challenges resulted in outcomes that cost them more money and increased unproductivity.

With that said, consider all of the complaints from employees about legacy software, a lack of efficiency from said accounting systems, and the heavy reliance on spreadsheets that potentially all have hidden costs associated with them. Imagine if you could quantify wasted time into dollars.

The goal of any software system should be to create a culture and environment of working smarter. When effectively implemented, it should increase efficiency by reducing time spent on mundane tasks. Moreover, accounting solutions should improve the relationships with your customers along with decreasing time spent on low-value tasks with manual processes.

What’s the solution to working smarter with your accounting software?

Every petroleum marketer needs to be able manage their finances with a software solution that allows them to work efficiently and grow steadily while managing their business successfully.

As a trusted advisor to your industry, we want you to benefit from an integrated, single-entry accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system that’s designed specifically for you. COMPAS Commander is a complete solution that combines general ledger, fuel management, and fuel excise tax reporting in one seamless platform.

The goal for you is to have an accounting solution that’s comprehensive, customizable, and industry-specific for petroleum marketers.

COMPAS Commander can do many things for your business.  Here are a few:

  1. Allows you to grow your business without the need for additional staff
  2. Minimizes and eliminates unprofitable administrative tasks
  3. Streamline communications with your customers and vendors
  4. Helps you monitor activities for exceptions
  5. Identifies underperforming assets

Don’t believe us?

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