How to escape the automated attendant maze for accounting software wholesale petroleum distributors.

Jun 28, 2021

Poor customer service is the result of shifting the costs of providing high quality support to the customer. Or it’s a thinly veiled attempt to get the client to pay more for better service or to “upgrade” to a new software product. We’re wholeheartedly against that.  

Automated systems make it difficult to get a human on the line. And when humans do answer, they often stick to a “script” and can’t seem to veer off it to address the problem at hand.  

Do you feel even more frustrated and powerless when you can’t speak to a human? Or when you can’t get out of the auto attendant maze?  

Kate Murphy states in the article, Why Tech Support Is (Purposely) Unbearable, “When things don’t make sense and feel out of control, mental health experts say, humans instinctively feel threatened,” which only stokes the flames of frustration.  

Automated attendants are not a “necessary evil.”   

According to AI Stats News, 86% of consumers prefer humans to chatbots. It’s easy to understand why if you’ve ever had to repeat your issue multiple times while following automated prompts. Then, when a human finally answers, you must repeat the issue once again.   

How to get a live human on the line.  

Sometimes, you just need to get a human on the phone. Or sometimes, the only way to get software support is to call them. 

If your helpdesk only offers phone-based support, ask them to consider allowing you to submit issues via emails. It’ll save you from having to figure out their automated attendant system. 

If you need to connect with a human, try using websites such as and to search for phone numbers or directions on what digits to press to bypass the automated system.  

If you’re still struggling to find a live human that works for your software company, they might be a shell corporation for the mafia…in which case you’ll have bigger problems. 

But in all seriousness, it might really be time to consider switching to a new accounting software partner. You deserve accounting software and a dedicated team that helps your business grow.  

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