Fuel Dispatching that’s Unmatched: Accounting Software for Wholesale Petroleum Distributors

Jun 17, 2024

Are you having trouble with frequently updating dispatch spreadsheets?  Have you dealt with dissatisfied customers because of delayed fuel deliveries?  Do you have to set aside time to manually invoice customers following a delivery?

Or potentially the most dangerous of all: Have you ever run the risk of distracting your drivers’ attention from the road by sending trip detail updates?

There is a lot of room for error, wasted time on paperwork and cross-checking systems, and frustration due to missed details when it comes to dispatching. It can be a draining back-and-forth process that can slow down productivity and underdeliver on client and customer expectations.

AIMS has the solution to cure your dispatch woes. Meet Fuel Dispatch, a cloud-based fuel delivery dispatching software that delivers fuel on time and when you need it. Our completely remote solution, allowing you to access from anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular service, will put your business in the fast lane.

Solutions for On-the-go Success

Fuel Dispatch allows drivers to receive updated pickup and delivery instructions within minutes of being entered into the system with our user-friendly mobile application. Gone are the days of service disruption or “bad comms” from the office to the driver behind the wheel.

Fuel Dispatch was designed to sync with our Commander accounting software by providing it with the completed purchase and delivery data needed to automatically update product inventory values, quantities, costs, etc. And you can rest easy knowing that Commander will automatically generate sales invoices to your customers.

Commander works with Fuel Dispatch by providing information for:

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Suppliers/Terminals
  • Ship-to Addresses
  • Drivers
  • Trucks
  • Trailers

Merge into the fast lane so you can optimize your drivers’ routes to save time and money, accurately predict fuel need based on history and current inventory levels, and quickly generate orders based on pre-set schedules and routes.

Check out the images below for a snippet of Fuel Dispatch in action.


Ready to save time and money? Connect with us here to learn more about how Fuel Dispatch can help.

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