Accounting Software Integration Partners for Petroleum Distributors

Jun 24, 2024

Picture this: You have software that fully integrates with your tools, allowing you to work seamlessly and without the stress of missed details or numbers. Sounds too good to be true, right?

It isn’t. At AIMS, we can help you achieve this.

We believe in the importance of strategically partnering with fellow suppliers in the fuel industry to bring you the best options for your business. Because of this, we strive to make sure our software solutions can interface with a wide range of product offerings in the wholesale and retail petroleum industry.

In fact, our willingness to work with other companies to give our customers robust solutions for their businesses is unique in our industry.

Here is just a brief overview of some of the partners we have in the petroleum industry.

  • DTN delivers integrated data solutions with traditional and innovative product offerings. They’re the leading data integration and automated supply chain management technology solutions provider for the downstream refined fuels marketing and distribution industry.
  • ClearView, powered by Dover Fueling Solutions. ClearView’s monitoring services are designed to protect your fuel business by identifying the source and exact location of any fuel losses that occur on-site. Their services are designed to help you lower operational costs and improve profit margins, while offering regulatory and environmental protection to keep you legally compliant.
  • SMART-TANK. SMART-TANK is a true wireless fuel monitoring system that accurately measures the fuel in your tank(s), day and night, 24/7. SMART-TANK requires no external power, phone connection, or control boxes but still allows you to monitor remotely and be sure that there is always fuel when you need it.
  • Service Station Computer Systems (SSCS) provides software for retail petroleum and convenience store back-office technology and has been doing so since 1981.
  • Success Systems. Success Systems is a store automation solution for independent retailers. They offer automation options for c-stores, petroleum marketers, and liquor and tobacco retailers across the nation. Their products are certified by most of the major POS systems.
  • Petrosoft. Petrosoft offers back-office solutions for the convenience and retail industries. Their services deliver operational insights by streamlining retail workflows, data inputs, and data outputs through a secure cloud-based solution.

Our list of integration partners is always growing so if you’re currently using a different third-party solution, please contact us to discuss integration with the Commander system.

Another key feature of AIMS’s integration capabilities is the ability to connect to Cardlock Devices. Cardlock providers offer integrated fueling card processing solutions to fleet managers and owners, both proprietary and network. These solutions deliver 24/7, year-round fueling products to the industry and work with AIMS solutions seamlessly.

AIMS works with:

  • Commercial Fueling Network (CFN), a FleetCor Company
  • Mannatec, a FleetCor Company
  • Pacific Pride (Pac Pride), a FleetCor Company
  • Intevacon
  • Fuelmaster
  • Triple E Technologies
  • Gasboy, a Gilbarco Company
  • Petro Vend / Phoenix, an OPW / Dover Product

We don’t want you to waste time checking other platforms to see if they integrate and align with your tools. AIMS offers customizable solutions with the integrations you need to succeed.

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