Accounting Software Implementation for Petroleum Distributors

Jun 21, 2024

Launching any new accounting and business software or system can be nerve-wracking.

You’re undoubtedly going to run into challenges as a part of the process, not matter how amazing the software is.

Before you decide on purchasing and implementing any new software for your oil business, here’s some questions to ask.

  • How long will this accounting software implementation take?
  • Will I lose valuable productivity time, or possibly accounting data?
  • Who can I go to with questions?
  • Do I have to do it all myself?
  • How long will it take my team to get started using the new software?

All these questions are valid, and we’ve taken them into consideration when designing our Commander Implementation Process.

When you choose Commander, you can expect an accessible and efficient implementation process which includes:

  1. Project leader identification and communication, ensuring the right people get all the info they need.
  2. Pre-installation meetings and regular status calls so everyone stays on the same page.
  3. Current hardware and network assessments, with AIMS notifying your team of any necessary changes.
  4. Established go-live dates with detailed documentation to follow on-site training, so project leaders have a clearly defined timeline for the implementation process.
  5. AIMS completely setting up your Commander system, allowing your team to go hands-free on the “techy” side of things. Using AIMS’ spreadsheet formats, you provide us with your master file data, and we set it up for you.
  6. Collection of all necessary documentation along with server and hardware updates or upgrades.
  7. Installation of Commander and verification that all users can log in.
  8. Pre-training testing of Commander, including process automation modules included with your software.
  9. 7-10 days of on-site training on how to use Commander with AIMS’ trainer
  10. “Test mode” use of your new system, ensuring everyone is comfortable and that Commander is set up accurately before going live.
  11. GO LIVE on the established date.

Our Implementation Process is different because we are different.

We don’t hide behind complicated and confusing language to trick you into thinking we’ve got your back. We’ve simply just got your business’s back.

Shouldn’t every software company do the same?

Our process is detailed clearly on our website because we want you, our industry colleagues, to know what to expect when you partner with AIMS. Review it here.

We take an individualized approach to onboarding our new clients because at our core, AIMS exists to serve our clients. The best way we know how to serve our clients is to set them up for success from Day 1.

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