What is AutoSend?

AutoSend is a fuel inventory management and dispatching solution. It’s a convenient, easy to use, in-house software system that provides precise UST fuel inventory control and helps manage your fuel dispatching requirements.

How does it work?

Submitting data to AutoSend is easy. All you need is a touchtone phone. Since no PC or any other data collection/sending device is needed, AutoSend is ideal for companies that have dealer and wholesale accounts.

“AIMS is trying to help the jobber community think of their back-office data in ways that can make it an asset and harness the data to empower employees to perform more in less time. AIMS can tailor a solution just in those areas that you feel you need improvement, or they can offer a completely integrated solution like ours that incorporates inventory, billing, leak detection, and automation solutions.”

United Oil of the Carolinas
President, Lewis Efird

Features and Benefits of AutoSend

Benefits of AutoSend’s fuel inventory management –

AutoSend gives daily reports of fuel and non-fuel sales. It allows sales data to be exported to other software packages including COMPAS Commander. In addition, AutoSend provides detailed, credible inventory records including:

  • Daily over / short reporting
  • Tanks / USTs that are out of variance allowance
  • Environmental audits protection


Dispatching –

AutoSend provides prioritized fuel dispatch to:

  • Achieve reduced, balanced inventories
  • Use transports more efficiently
  • Eliminate haul-backs and run-outs


UST Leak Detection Compliance –

AutoSend is a perfect gathering system for SIR because it:

  • Makes leak detection compliance possible through monthly SIR
  • Requires no extra work to prepare data for SIR processing
  • Submits data or goes to in-house SIR with AutoSIR.


System Capacities –

AutoSend is able to accommodate up to:

  • 15 tanks / USTs per location
  • 96 pump meters per location
  • 96 categories of non-fuel data
  • 899 location reports per AutoSend system

Lastly, AutoSend uses pre-built (or customized) tank charts for most fiberglass and steel tanks.

If you’d like to learn more about what AutoSend can do for you, please contact us here.

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